The Johnstown Flood Tax

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The Johnstown Flood Tax

Innlegg André Risnes 10 Jan 2012, 15:15

What is the Johnstown Flood Tax?
The Johnstown Flood Tax is an 18% tax on all wine and liquor sales in the sate of Pennsylvania. It is a "hidden" tax that is not printed on any receipt of purchase.

How did it come about?
As a result of the damage from the 1936 Johnstown, PA flood, the Pennsylvania General Assembly imposed an emergency tax on all alcohol sold in the Commonwealth. The "temporary" 10% tax was initially intended to help pay for clean up, recovery, and assistance to flood victims. Though the recovery was assisted by the federal government and completed within six years of the disaster, the tax was never repealed. The tax was raised to 15% in 1963 and to 18% in 1968, where it stands today.
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