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Atlas Shrugged, filmen

InnleggSkrevet: 24 Jan 2008, 16:04
Noen som vet om det er noe fremgang? Leser på IMDB at den i september var "back in development with Vadim Perelman", men finner ikke noe mer info. Den er ikke lagt død?

InnleggSkrevet: 24 Jan 2008, 21:25
Vegard Martinsen
Jeg har lenge trodd at det ikke blir noe av denne filmen i denne omgang.

InnleggSkrevet: 24 Jan 2008, 21:31
Dette er et interessant spørsmål. Og mon tro hva som må til for at filmen i så fall blir vist på de (gjerne kommunale) kinoer i Norge?

InnleggSkrevet: 31 Jan 2008, 22:32

Fant ikke noe "siste nytt" der, men kanskje jeg bare er dårlig å lete? Finner JMartins noe mer enn hva jeg finner?

InnleggSkrevet: 20 Mar 2008, 21:09
Aglialoro: I think the extreme right and the extreme left will unite in a rare unity to denounce the movie and its philosophic message.
We will have hostile reviews. But the quality of this production will win out.


Ellers, $70m budsjett, filmingen starter siste kvartal '08 eller første '09, og filmen kommer på kino høsten '09. Håper vi. Også vil den vare ca to og en halv time.

SP: Who is John Galt?

Aglialoro: He’ll probably be played by an unknown.

SP: The music of Rand’s character Richard Halley plays an important part in the novel. What are your plans for music?

Aglialoro: I’m looking for an epic musical composition, the sort that contributed so much to films like Out of Africa, The Natural, and Titanic.

I hope Lionsgate (the production and distribution company) will come up with something truly powerful.

I tillegg vil han prøve på en cameo til hun som spilte Domenique i the Fountainhead. Han sier også at de ville vært ferdige med skrivingen hadde det ikke vært for streiken.

InnleggSkrevet: 24 Apr 2008, 07:12

Box Office Mojo: So you're not going to conceal whether there is a John Galt?

Michael Burns: I think everybody knows that there is a John Galt and, look, in my opinion, I don't think it should be a movie star, because then the audience will know too soon that that's John Galt. If, all of a sudden, Brad Pitt were [playing] John Galt, or Tom Cruise or George Clooney, you'd know—but it has to be an incredibly remarkable face, a face that just pops out at you.

Box Office Mojo: A face with no fear, no pain, no guilt?

Michael Burns: Yes, that's well put.

Box Office Mojo: That's how Ayn Rand describes Galt in the novel. How much are you willing to spend?

Michael Burns: It will be a very expensive movie for us and it will fit into the Lionsgate model in that 70 percent of our budgets typically depend on where we shoot it and foreign pre-sales and this won't be an exception. I've already had a call from just about every studio wanting to see if we could possibly partner and if they could have a deal. It's too early to tell.

Box Office Mojo: What do you want to make sure you get right early on?

Michael Burns: In a strange way, we have to get it right because it is—even though Ayn Rand was Russian—it is the quintessential, one of the few, true American philosophies, so you really have to be true to Objectivism and what she stood for. You can't compromise.

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InnleggSkrevet: 04 Apr 2009, 06:31
Vegard Martinsen ... movie.html

"With 'Atlas Shrugged,' Hollywood May Have Its First Anti-Bailout Movie", Steven Zeitchik, The Hollywood Reporter, April 1

Hollywood could soon be going Objectivist.
After decades in development hell, Ayn Rand's capitalism-minded "Atlas Shrugged" is taking new steps toward the big screen—with one of the film world's most prominent money men potentially at its center.

Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media is circling the Baldwin Entertainment project and could come aboard to finance with Lionsgate, which got involved several years ago….

A number of stars have expressed serious interest in playing the lead role of [Dagny] Taggart. Angelina Jolie previously had been reported as a candidate to play the strong female character, but the list is growing and now includes Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, and Anne Hathaway.

Although it was written a half-century ago, producers say that the book's themes of individualism resonate in the era of Obama, government bailouts and stimulus packages—making this the perfect moment to bring the 1,100-page novel to the big screen.

"This couldn't be more timely," said Karen Baldwin, who along with husband Howard is producing, with film industry consultant John Logigian advising on the project. "It's uncanny what Rand was able to predict—about the only things she didn't anticipate are cell phones and the Internet." Baldwin may be on to something—love it or hate it, "Shrugged" is seeing a resurgence, with book sales spiking as debates rage in Washington and around the country about the government's role in a faltering free-market economy.

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InnleggSkrevet: 21 Jul 2009, 19:27
Charlize Theron Interested in Turning 'Atlas Shrugged' into an Epix Mini-Series

July 21st 2009

Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" is listed on as totalling 1,192 pages, a factor that apparently concerns potential star Charlize Theron as Steven Zeitchik at the Risky Biz Blog has more news on the potential adaptation that may not see the big screen, but instead head toward the small.

Back in April Zeitchik alerted us to the fact the names Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway had joined Angelina Jolie as interested parties in playing the lead role in an adaptation of Rand's novel. Apparently Theron's name has risen to the top as she is said to have been meeting with Lionsgate and producers Howard and Karen Baldwin regarding the project "but has been concerned that a feature would lose many of the nuances of the monster-sized novel."

As a result, the novel is now looking at being turned into a miniseries for Epix, the pay-cable network Lionsgate is forming with MGM and Viacom/Paramount. The plan would be to make the mini one of the network's linchpins, while a possible theatrical release of a condensed version is said to be under consideration, I severely doubt it would happen.

All this said, it appears Theron's involvement may still be up in the air despite the fact sources tell Zeitchik "she has been driving the development process" while her reps tell him Theron "is not moving forward with the project." The actress is said to have made a decision, but simply isn't telling anyone, which is helpful.

Should things get moving, Theron would be playing Dagny Taggart as the story follows her struggles to manage a transcontinental railroad amid the pressures and restrictions of massive bureaucracy. Her antagonistic reaction to a libertarian group seeking an end to government regulation is later echoed and modified in her encounter with a utopian community, Galt's Gulch, whose members regard self-determination rather than collective responsibility as the highest ideal.

To read Zeitchik's history of the project click here.

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InnleggSkrevet: 26 Mai 2010, 15:21
Om dette medfører riktighet aner jeg ikke, men "The Strike" Productions, Inc. skriver følgende på sin hjemmeside:

    Pre-Production of the motion picture based on the Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged" has become. Stay tuned for more details!

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InnleggSkrevet: 26 Mai 2010, 20:43
Deadline, May 26, 2010: For almost two decades, Hollywood has tried unsuccessfully to turn Ayn Rand’s 1100 page classic Atlas Shrugged into a feature film with actresses ranging from Angelina Jolie to Charlize Theron to Faye Dunaway. John Aglialoro, the entrepreneur who 17 years ago paid $1 million to option the book rights, is tired of the futility and is taking matters into his own hands. He’s announced that he is financing a June 11 production start in Los Angeles for the first of what he said will be four films made from the book. Aglialoro, who had a hand in writing the script by Brian O’Tool, is taking on this ambitious plan with an unproven director, and is weeks away from production without stars to play Dagny Taggart, Hank Rearden, John Galt and the other roles - 'Atlas Shrugged' Rights Holder Sets June Production Start Whether Or Not Stars Align

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InnleggSkrevet: 14 Jun 2010, 18:12
Jeg er noe skeptisk til dette hasteprosjektet, men nå er det uansett i gang. Vi får håpe på det beste:

    Variety, June 14, 2010: The long-brewing feature version of author Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" has begun shooting in Los Angeles as a $5 million indie produced by John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow. Cameras began rolling over the weekend on a five-week shoot for "Atlas Shrugged Part One" with Paul Johansson directing from Brian Patrick O'Toole's script. Aglialoro would have lost the feature rights if the film wasn't in production by Saturday. A spokesman for Aglialoro -- the CEO of exercise equipment producer Cybex -- said there will be at least one more "Atlas Shrugged" shot after the current film's completed. Rand's massive novel is divided into three parts, each consisting of 10 chapters - Cameras role on 'Atlas'

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InnleggSkrevet: 16 Jun 2010, 06:18
Lars-Erik Bruce

John Galt

Dagny Taggart

Henry Reardon

Mulig bildene ikke kommer opp! Kommer ann på serveren de ligger på, hvis ikke, følg bare så URL-en til bildene. Informasjonen om skuespillere etc kan være feil, da etterlater jeg meg alt ansvar og legger skylden her.

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InnleggSkrevet: 16 Jun 2010, 07:11
Vegard Martinsen
Står det virkelig Henry Reardon i originalen?

Han heter jo Hank Rearden.

Re: Atlas Shrugged, filmen

InnleggSkrevet: 16 Jun 2010, 07:27
Han blir omtalt som både "Henry" og "Hank" på Wikipedia, så akkurat det er nok et resultat av engelsktalende lands noe underlige navnekonvensjoner. Men "Reardon" må jo være en stavefeil. Får håpe det ikke er slik han betegnes i rulleteksten...

Re: Atlas Shrugged, filmen

InnleggSkrevet: 16 Jun 2010, 10:52
Lars-Erik Bruce
Evt skrivefeil kan være mine egne. :oops: