The Character of Nations

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The Character of Nations

Innlegg Panther 10 Jun 2009, 15:28

Virker som en ganske opplysende bok om verden som den faktisk er, og ikke slik som intelligensia ønsker at vi skal se den eller at den skal være.

by Thomas Sowell (June 9, 2009)

In an age that values cleverness over wisdom, it is not surprising that many superficial but clever books get more attention than a wise book like "The Character of Nations" by Angelo Codevilla, even though the latter has far more serious implications for the changing character of our own nation.

Written in plain and sometimes blunt words, "The Character of Nations" is nevertheless the product of a man whose knowledge and experience span the globe, extending into economics, philosophy and other fields, as well as encompassing the wisdom of the ancients and the follies of the moderns.

The book is an education in itself, more of an education than many students are likely to get at an Ivy League college. However, its purpose is not academic but to clarify the issues facing us all today when "the character of the American way of life is up for grabs perhaps more than ever before," as the author puts it.
Ken-G. Johansen.
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