Siegfried Wittenburg - forbudte bilder fra Øst-Tyskland

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Siegfried Wittenburg - forbudte bilder fra Øst-Tyskland

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SPIEGEL ONLINE, July 21, 2010: Photographer Siegfried Wittenburg angered officials in East Germany during the 1980s with his pictures showing the drabness of everyday life under communism. He has told SPIEGEL ONLINE what compelled him to take the photos that the local cultural association refused to exhibit at the time. "Take a picture of that," my inner voice told me as I gazed out of the window of our new apartment onto the newly-built Lichtenhagen housing estate in Rostock. "It's so crazy you've got to record it! Now!" I pressed the shutter release. I developed and printed the photos in my bathroom. I was pleased with the results and showed them to my mother-in-law. "For heaven's sake," she said. "Do you want to ruin your life?" I didn't understand what she was talking about. So I submitted the photos and was immediately invited to the opening of the exhibition. I was unknown as a photographer and was astonished when the local district head of the cultural association came rushing up as soon as I had given my name. "Herr Wittenburg, Herr Wittenburg, we spent a lot of time discussing your pictures…" I was about to feel flattered when she went on: "whether they can be published or not" - Siegfried Wittenburg's Forbidden Photos of Everyday Life in East Germany

Everyday life in East Germany. Whenever there was a queue outside a shop, one immediately went up to inquire what was available.
Or one simply joined the queue without asking because the product on offer was bound to be in short supply. People ignored the
propaganda above the entrance which reads: "The Stronger Socialism is, the Stronger the Peace." Taken in the city of Jena in 1987.
Børge Svanstrøm Amundsen

"Atlas was permitted the opinion that he was at liberty, if he wished, to drop the Earth and creep away; but this opinion was all that he was permitted" - Franz Kafka
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