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Edward Cline

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Capitalism Magazine Interview with Edward Cline
1 July 2011 Mark Da Cunha

Novelist, commentator and a modern Thomas Paine, talks about writing, Ayn Rand, and his new novel, The Daedàlus Conspiracy

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school (in which he says he learned nothing of value) and after a stint in the Air Force, he pursued his ambition to become a novelist. His second detective novel, First Prize, was published in 1988 by Mysterious Press/Warner Books, and his first suspense novel, Whisper the Guns, was published in 1992 by The Atlantean Press. First Prize was republished in 2009 by Perfect Crime. The Sparrowhawk series of novels set in England and Virginia in the pre-Revolutionary period, was published between 2001 and 2007. It has garnered some critical acclaim (but none from the literary establishment) and universal appreciation from the reading public, including parents, teachers, students, scholars, and adult readers who believe that American history has been abandoned or is misrepresented by a government-dominated educational establishment. He writes regularly for such political and cultural blog sites as Rule of Reason, Capitalism Magazine, Family Security Matters, and The Dougout. He is dedicated to Objectivism, or Ayn Rand's philosophy of reason in all matters
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