Capitalist Solutions: Resolving America's Problems

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Capitalist Solutions: Resolving America's Problems

Innlegg Panther 09 Okt 2011, 15:02

8 October 2011 Andrew Bernstein

Individual rights and free markets are, in every case, the solution to America’s problems.


An excerpt from the Introduction to Andrew Bernstein's forthcoming book Capitalist Solutions: A Philosophy of American Moral Dilemmas. Reprinted in Capitalism Magazine by permission of the author.

To be blunt, the United States faces enormous challenges as it enters the second decade of the twenty-first century. Environmentalism and its claim of pernicious man-made global warming constitute one major issue; the danger from terrorism generated by Islamic Totalitarianism, a second; affordable, quality health care, a third. Additionally, education in America has remained an unresolved dilemma for decades.

Nor do these issues exhaust the list. There are numerous others. Currently, the United States Government pushes the nation remorselessly toward socialism in its attempt to resolve America’s problems.
Ken-G. Johansen.
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