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Kira Peikoff - Living Proof

Innlegg kjetilfp 09 Mar 2012, 09:15

Datteren til Leonard Peikoff, Kira Peikoff, har nettopp gitt ut sin første bok som er titulert Living Proof. Inspirert av kristenfundamentalistenes fanatiske motstand til abort og stamcelleforskning har hun skrevet en thriller hvor handlingen er satt i et USA anno 2027 hvor kristenfundamentalistene har styringen. Hør intervju med Kira Peikoff på podcasten: ... -8-p-m-et/

In 2027, destroying an embryo is considered first-degree murder. Fertility clinics still exist, giving hope and new life to thousands of infertile families, but they have to pass rigorous inspections by the United States Department of Embryo Preservation. Fail an inspection, and you will be prosecuted.

Brilliant young doctor Arianna Drake seems to be thriving in the spotlight: her small clinic surpasses every government requirement, and its popularity has spiked—a sudden, rapid growth that leaves the DEP chief mystified. When he discovers Arianna’s radical past as a supporter of an infamous scientist, he sends undercover agent Trent Rowe to investigate her for possible illegal activity.

As Trent is pulled into Arianna’s enigmatic world, his own begins to unravel. The secret he finally uncovers will deeply move him—and jeopardize them both. With the clock ticking her life away, he finds himself questioning everything he knows to be true, and then must summon the courage to take the greatest risk of all. Nothing less than human life—and a major scientific breakthrough—hang in the balance.

A thought-provoking thriller by debut author Kira Peikoff, Living Proof is a celebration of love and life that cuts to the core of a major cultural debate of our time. ... 292&sr=8-2
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Re: Kira Peikoff - Living Proof

Innlegg Vegard Martinsen 09 Mar 2012, 10:10

Den har fått svært gode forhåndsomtaler ...
Vegard Martinsen
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