Den økonomiske krisen i USA

Diskusjon om politiske temaer fra det internasjonale nyhetsbildet.

Re: Den økonomiske krisen i USA

Innlegg QIQrrr 10 Sep 2011, 05:24

The Wall Street Journal, September 9, 2011: Cities and states have been firing workers and raising taxes to balance the books. But for some of the shakiest cities, those moves aren't enough. Enter Class Green Capital Partners, a New York financial adviser to municipalities. Class Green has been helping cities to essentially take out mortgages on their public buildings and use many of the proceeds to plug their budget shortfalls. Here is the twist: A portion of the bond proceeds go to improve energy efficiency in the buildings, which are meant to generate savings for the city - Cities Deep in Red Turn to Green Deals

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"Atlas was permitted the opinion that he was at liberty, if he wished, to drop the Earth and creep away; but this opinion was all that he was permitted" - Franz Kafka
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Mortgage Crisis Goes Primetime

Innlegg Panther 02 Nov 2011, 16:15

1 November 2011 John Downs

A near-death experience often provides needed perspective to effectuate real change. But no matter how often the over-regulated and over-subsidized US banking sector flirts with disaster, it never seems to change its ways.
Ken-G. Johansen.
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Re: Den økonomiske krisen i USA

Innlegg Vegard Martinsen 13 Nov 2011, 07:43

Gene Simmons fra Kiss vider en langt større innsikt i årsakene til krisen enn økonomer og politikere og akademikere flest: ... akers.html

Debt crisis like fat people blaming bakers'

GENE Simmons is best known as the tongue-wagging frontman of rock band Kiss — but he is also a very successful businessman.
The multi-millionaire rock god, who admitted in The Sun last month that he has slept with 4,800 women, is a partner in an estate-planning firm.

He's also a partner in Ortsbo, the world's best-selling international language translator.

Last night Gene told London Business School students how to build a billion-dollar brand.

Here, he reveals his plan to give the economy the kiss of life.

THE first thing I would do if I was the benevolent dictator of planet Earth would be to fire all politicians — who are basically university lecturers in positions of power.

They might be able to quote the existential philosophers but that doesn't mean they know how to run businesses.

Countries are businesses — they have imports and exports and you want your exports to be higher than your imports so you can have a profit. [VM: Jeg regner at han mener at utgiftene ikke må være større enn inntektene.]

You want to make sure that whatever money you give out to your population is money that you can afford to send out.

Countries are a house of cards — and when the bottom few cards fall down they all topple over. Look at Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

If businessmen ran the country, this wouldn't happen. Richard Branson would make a great PM. He's more qualified. [Nei, ikke i det hele tatt.]

Government makes money by taxing and spending. [VM: Makes money by spending?]

It's so simple. If you spend more than you tax, you're out of business. MPs don't know what they're talking about.

And we created this miserable economic state. It's like fat people who think it's the bakery's fault they got fat.

No, you kept going in there and you kept eating cake. It's not the bakery's responsibility to tell you to slow down.

Simmons ... 'we created this miserable economic state'
Banks shouldn't have to tell you not to borrow so much.

They're banks — they're supposed to lend you money. If you can't afford to take out £100,000, don't take out a £400,000 mortgage.

It's your responsibility to be a grown-up and take care of yourself.

Thank God we have lending institutions and banks. The planes that fly through the sky, the phones we use every day, the cars we drive, the houses we live in, the entire economy is all funded by firms who borrow in return for interest.

This mess is our fault — corporations have no responsibility.

Capitalism is the best thing that ever happened to human beings. The welfare state sounds wonderful but it doesn't work.

Governments hand out more money than they have to support welfare and they land in debt.

Then they have to borrow money — and then there's interest on top of that.

That's bad business. And it has created a culture of entitlement.

When I was growing up my mother went to work. There was no welfare. If you worked, you made money.

If you didn't work, you had to figure it out — you'd go and wash dishes.

The new breed of 20-year-olds don't want to do those jobs.

So people from other countries come over and are thrilled to get the chance to wipe the floors.

Kiss are the only business-savvy band about and I make no apologies for that.

We sell everything from condoms to caskets — we'll get you coming and we'll get you going.

We outsell The Beatles and Elvis put together.

People say things like: "Oh, you make so much money. What do you need any more for?"

Well, actually, b*tch, I never asked for your opinion. I'll let you know when I have enough money.
Vegard Martinsen
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Re: Den økonomiske krisen i USA

Innlegg QIQrrr 18 Okt 2013, 06:33

Bloomberg, October 17, 2013: China’s Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. cut its sovereign rating for the U.S. hours after President Barack Obama signed legislation raising the federal debt limit. Dagong, one of China’s four biggest credit rating companies, downgraded the local and foreign currency credit ratings of the U.S. to A- from A, maintaining a negative outlook, the company said in an e-mailed statement yesterday. That’s below Dagong’s rating of Botswana, which has a A rating, and puts the U.S. on par with Brazil - China’s Dagong Cuts U.S. Credit Rating After Debt Limit Raised

Børge Svanstrøm Amundsen

"Atlas was permitted the opinion that he was at liberty, if he wished, to drop the Earth and creep away; but this opinion was all that he was permitted" - Franz Kafka
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