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The American People

Innlegg Panther 25 Apr 2011, 12:23

The "Adult Conversation" Between Politicians and Voters
23 April 2011 Michael Hurd

"Please, please, like us and keep voting for us. We'll do whatever you ask."

Politicians: Let's have health care for all.

Voters: Yes. But not ObamaCare. We don't want government care. We want guaranteed health care. Medical care like we have now, only free. And more competent, more compassionate, less bureaucratic than now. Will you get that done, please? And none of this Democrat-Republican quibbling either. Just get it done. Otherwise, we'll send Donald Trump in to get it done.

Politicians: Let's cut the budget.

Voters: Absolutely.

Politicians: Let's cut these programs.

Voters: Now wait a minute. Nobody said anything about cutting programs.

We said cut the budget. Of course you'll have to cut wasteful programs.

But don't you dare touch Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. Leave them alone!

Politicians: Medicare and Medicaid are the biggest part of the federal budget, and the fastest growing part of the budget.

Voters: Well, reform health care then. Make it efficient. We don't want socialized medicine. We don't want to pay for it either. Who pays for their own health care? You go to the doctor, and the doctor bills someone. That's how it works. That's the natural order of things. Don't you dare change it!
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