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Myths and Realities about "Palestine" and Israel
31 May 2011 Edward Cline

The only true “Palestinians” are the Israelis.

There were many pluses in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress on May 24th, and some critical minuses. It was, however, refreshing to listen to a speech that was not inflated with platitudes and bromides. It was a sincere speech, delivered forthrightly and largely unconcerned with what President Barack Obama might think of it. And it was especially refreshing to see someone publicly lecture Obama on the realities of the Mideast. Unlike some critics of Netanyahu’s speech, I derived much satisfaction from seeing our Dissimulator-in-Chief effectively slapped down for the arrogance of his putative, feigned ignorance of those realities. One can respect the office of president, but not its occupant. And respect for the office is something I am certain Obama wishes to destroy, given his behavior at home and abroad. And he is no friend of Israel.
Ken-G. Johansen.
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