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InnleggSkrevet: 24 Apr 2010, 17:23
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Kite Gen® is the last evolution of wind energy exploitation. It is a radically new and innovative concept that may be the most practical and sound solution, in the market of renewable sources, to the world’s energy needs and problems.

The main news is given by the fact that Kite Gen can exploit an unexploited, virtually endless and almost universally available energy power: high altitude wind. In order to exploit this huge amount of energy a radical change of perspective has been done: no more heavy and static structures but light and dynamic machines. Large wings, driven by a high-tech control system based on avionic sensors, fly at high altitude, harvesting the energy of powerful winds, much faster and constant than those available to traditional wind mills.

Kite Gen’s vision is a new type of electric generation plant, based on a renewable source, suitable for any territory, at costs lower than fossil fuel generation plants, in direct competition with today’s conventional production (coal, oil or nuclear), in the GigaWatt class.
A 100 MW Carousel power plant is estimated to deliver energy for less than 0.03 Euro per kWh, which is cheaper than fossil fuel-based generation. Even lower costs are to be expected from bigger and more powerful plants.

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