Electric galaxies

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Electric galaxies

Innlegg Panther 26 Jun 2011, 12:49


Galactic scale electric current detected: more amps than you can shake a black hole at

The outward transport of electromagnetic energy and
angular momentum in jets from accretion disks (with little
mass outflow) in the form of a collimated, magneticallydominated
(or ‘Poynting-flux jet’) was first proposed by
Lovelace (1976) and Blandford (1976) and subsequently
studied in many papers (Benford 1978; Lovelace, Wang,
& Sulkanen 1987; Lynden-Bell 1996; Li, et al. 2001;
Lovelace, et al. 2002; 2003; Nakamura et al. 2008). The
model has a collimated current outflow (or inflow) Iz along
the spine of the jet of cylindrical radius rJ (normal to the
disk plane). An equal but opposite “return current” flow
inward (or outward) at much larger distances from the jet
axis must occur, so that the net current outflow from the
source is zero.
The reversal of RM sign just on the jet axis matches the
signature of a current-carrying “wire”, where we are
measuring an azimuthal component of magnetic field strength3
at an approximate mean y distance on opposite sides of the
synchrotron radiating cocoon surrounding the unresolved
spine of the jet. The inferred current, Iz , is an average
within the cocoon’s radiating volume, over which we measure
the transverse ∇(RM ) of ∼ 10 rad m−2/kpc.
The result is Iz ∼ 7.5 × 10e17A

Ken-G. Johansen.
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