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A musical introduction to Objectivism

InnleggSkrevet: 29 Okt 2007, 20:31
I mangel på en egen forumseksjon dedikert kunst og kultur (hint til admin) blir denne postet her.

The Circadian Rythms is mainly the solo project of Argentinian teacher/writer/musician Gabriel Rojo. It comprises anything from low-fi ambient music to rythmical remixes of the likes of Brian Eno/David Byrne, Moby and The Chemical Brothers. As of 2007, Mercedes Kelly has been collaborating with the songwriting, and the band is open for collaborations with "non-musicians" all around the world. The Circadian Rythms has released several recordings so far: the low-fi ambient record "Another walk in the dark", the compilation "Remember every moment" (which contains "Another walk" in its entirety plus brand new tracks), "The ambient dance" (featuring remixes of previously released and unreleased tracks) and this year's "A musical introduction to Objectivism", a collection of original music introducing the main points of Ayn Rand's philosophy.

Advarsel til sarte ører: Dette faller inn under sjanger alternativ/eksperimentell musikk.