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Harriman svarer på kritikken:

Han skriver bla.:

Harriman skriver bla:

Finding Love in the Right Places
Posted on November 16, 2010 by David Harriman

To date, The Logical Leap has received more than a dozen positive reviews, and it is gratifying to me that these reviewers have found the book so valuable and said so publicly.

Perhaps the most significant of these reviews appears in the November issue of Physics Today (a well-known and respected science magazine). The reviewer is Ulrich Gerlach, a mathematics professor at Ohio State University. Here is Prof. Gerlach’s concluding paragraph:

“The Logical Leap is the most satisfying resolution of the ‘problem of induction’ that I’ve come across. It not only shows how inductive reasoning comes about but also demonstrates that it is the sine qua non of progress and success in physics and, more generally, in science. Harriman’s brilliant work is destined to be the fountainhead of future studies in the philosophy of science.”

Thanks to this wonderful review, sales of the book have increased in the past couple of weeks. The Logical Leap is beginning to reach physicists, who are a key part of my intended audience.

Another significant review has been written by Steve Canipe, who directs the science and mathematics E-learning programs at Laureate Education and Walden University. In recommending The Logical Leap to members of the National Science Teachers Association, Dr. Canipe wrote:

“Deductive reasoning in science has been much more the norm for students of science at all levels rather than the inductive reasoning covered in this book. This book pushes that envelope and will definitely take the average reader out of his/her comfort zone. But those who tackle it will find this book to be a valuable resource.”

This review should help The Logical Leap reach science teachers, who represent another crucial part of my intended audience.
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Omtale på amazon: ... 091&sr=8-1
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