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The Cause of Calmness

InnleggSkrevet: 30 Jun 2011, 15:39

29 June 2011 Michael Hurd

Calmness is easy when you fully, honestly grasp the utter weakness, metaphysical insignificance and sheer torpidity of people who actually say and believe these things.

Q: How do you keep your calm when you hear other people talk about things like how unions are good for the country, how "big oil" is evil, or big anything for that matter, how we should "not be like them" and allow the brutes to build a mosque in NYC, etc.

For example, I just heard this woman saying to her other friend (after watching this other guy right across from her seat put his iPhone away and pull out a shiny new iPad) how "she doesn't buy Apple stuff anymore because she heard that Steve Jobs doesn't give any money to charity."

When I hear stuff like that, I get this feeling in my stomach and get really angry and frustrated.