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InnleggSkrevet: 01 Aug 2011, 08:09

Giving Back?
1 August 2011 Dale B. Halling
Charity is like manners. It makes civil society more pleasant, when it is private charity. Government charity is not charity it is theft.

From President Bush’s 1000 points of light to President Obama’s biblical argument “aren’t we our brother’s keeper?” for government charity programs it appears everyone agrees that charity is good for our country and may even strengthen our economy. We are bombarded with the message that “we must give back to our community.” This discussion even spilled over to Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert where they both agreed that charity was good but disagreed on the extent and implementation of charity.

First, let’s examine the logic of the “give back” mantra. In order to give something back you must have taken something. If you live in a free and just society the only people who can “give back” are those people who are thieves. The statement is complete nonsense, meant to associate anyone who is successful financially with thieves morally.