Vekst i oppslutningen om Objektivismen i USA

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Vekst i oppslutningen om Objektivismen i USA

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61% have heard of Ayn Rand, 35% have a favorable view

Among those who have heard of her, opinion on her philosophy remains fairly evenly split:

* 35% hold a generally favorable opinion of her philosophy,
* 31% have a neutral view
* 35% see it unfavorably
* A slim majority of Republicans have a positive view (51%), while a majority of Democrats have a negative view (62%).

Numbers of respondents who actively follow Ayn Rand’s philosophy are smaller. Of those who have heard of her:

* 5% consider themselves an Objectivist (a follower of her philosophy)
* 20% say they have been influenced by her philosophy, but are not Objectivists
* 61% flatly say they are not Objectivists

We also asked respondents how they felt about a statement which encapsulates a key element of Ayn Rand’s philosophy—"The proper moral purpose of one's life is the pursuit of one's own self-interest"—but did not specifically tell respondents it was her idea.

The majority (57%) of respondents disagreed with the statement, while around 8% said they completely agreed with it and 27% said they somewhat agreed. Across political party affiliations, a similar number of Democrats and Republicans agreed (respectively 37% and 33%) or disagreed with the statement (respectively 55% and 58%).
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