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Businesspeople are the Ones Who Need to Protest
18 November 2011 Michael Hurd

The first rule of business, then, is to identify what your core values are, and resolve to live by them.

Dr. Hurd originally wrote this article for the Association of Objectivist Business Professionals. In light of the anarchist-socialist protest of those defecating patriots known as Occupy Wall Street, it deserves rereading here.

Most people look at “business” as something separate from everything else in life, and at best, a necessary evil. Something you have to do.

Or a way to make money—in a practical, but never creative, artistic or (perish the thought) moral way. If you don’t think that way, then the Association of Objectivist Business Professionals is probably for you.

In today’s political climate, business is the first thing under attack when things go wrong. And it’s no wonder. “Greed” and the actions of corporations—whether or not they’re demanding government handouts—are blamed for everything that could ever go wrong.

Yet even when things go well, business is accused of engaging in “irrational exuberance” or otherwise being “too successful.” Gigantic business successes, such as Bill Gates, live out their careers apologizing for their successes, either by fawning over incompetent and corrupt politicians, or by making a show of giving lots of their money to charity. And where does it get them? Nowhere. Business just can’t win. As a result, neither can business people.
Ken-G. Johansen.
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