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Raymond Tallis' siste utigvelse

Innlegg carl 30 Jun 2013, 09:42

..."Reflections of a Metaphysical Flâneur" kan anbefales.

http://www.acumenpublishing.co.uk/displ ... &TAG=&CID=
http://m.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2 ... y-einstein

[...] But there could not be a worse time for philosophers to surrender the baton of metaphysical inquiry to physicists. Fundamental physics is in a metaphysical mess and needs help.

The attempt to reconcile its two big theories, general relativity and quantum mechanics, has stalled for nearly 40 years. Endeavours to unite them, such as string theory, are mathematically ingenious but incomprehensible even to many who work with them.

A better-kept secret is that at the heart of quantum mechanics is a disturbing paradox – the so-called measurement problem, arising ultimately out of the Uncertainty Principle – which apparently demonstrates that the very measurements that have established and confirmed quantum theory should be impossible.

[...] Beyond these domestic problems there is the failure of physics to accommodate conscious beings.

Recent attempts to explain how the universe came out of nothing, which rely on questionable notions such as spontaneous fluctuations in a quantum vacuum, the notion of gravity as negative energy, and the inexplicable free gift of the laws of nature waiting in the wings for the moment of creation, reveal conceptual confusion beneath mathematical sophistication

Perhaps even more important, we should reflect on how a scientific image of the world that relies on up to 10 dimensions of space and rests on ideas, such as fundamental particles, that have neither identity nor location, connects with our everyday experience.
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Re: Raymond Tallis' siste utigvelse

Innlegg Vegard Martinsen 30 Jun 2013, 19:41

Ser lovende ut, men jeg har bare lest det som er sitert over om dette tema. Har dog lest hans "Aping Mankind" som jeg gjerne anbefaler enda en gang.

At det følgende er sant

Far from having replaced metaphysics, science is in a mess and needs help.

er velkjent for lesere av dette forum, og til dette tema vil jeg anbefale denne boken:


http://www.amazon.com/The-Logical-Leap- ... iman+david
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