U.S. Should Confront, Not Arm, Our Saudi Enemies

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U.S. Should Confront, Not Arm, Our Saudi Enemies

Innlegg Vegard Martinsen 18 Jun 2007, 09:10

U.S. Should Confront, Not Arm, Our Saudi Enemies

According to several reports, the Bush administration is negotiating a multi-billion dollar sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, including battle tanks, missile defense systems, advanced air-to-ground weapons, satellite-guided “smart” bombs, and state-of-the-art fighter jets such as the F-15 and F-16.

"The premise of such a sale is that the Saudi regime is an ally of the United States, sharing our goals and values--but that is preposterous,” said Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.

“Like Iran, Saudi Arabia is a leading financier and proponent of the ideological movement, Islamic totalitarianism, whose followers are waging jihad against America. Saudi Arabia has created and maintained a global network of Islamic schools, mosques and organizations dedicated to teaching, preaching and implementing the ideology of Islamic totalitarianism across the world. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic dictatorship hostile to the West. And any U.S. weapons sold to the regime could easily fall into the hands of jihadists.

“The enemy we face is Islamic totalitarianism, and the regimes that support this movement. Washington’s willingness to sell advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia demonstrates a gross evasion of the nature of our enemy.

“We should be confronting the Saudi regime, compelling it to cease its sponsorship of the Islamist cause--not arming the regime.”

Dr. Yaron Brook is executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.
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