The Abundant Good Of a Dollar Alternative

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The Abundant Good Of a Dollar Alternative

Innlegg Per Arne Karlsen 07 Apr 2009, 20:05

The Abundant Good Of a Dollar Alternative By John Tamny

All this brings us to recent comments from Chinese and Russian officials about how it’s necessary for the world to replace the dollar as its reserve currency. It’s hard to fathom considering the dollar’s outsized (90% +) role in world currency markets, not to mention that nearly 70 percent of all central bank reserves are denominated in dollars.

Still, judging by history since 1971, U.S. monetary authorities have irrespective of party shown how unsuited they are to overseeing what is the most important price in the world. In that sense, it should be hoped that Euroland joins up with England, or perhaps China joins with Japan in creating a currency not used for protectionist reasons, but instead one founded on the notion of currency stability.
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