Rogue Economics, Capitalism's New Reality

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Rogue Economics, Capitalism's New Reality

Innlegg grandismedpaprika 22 Aug 2009, 18:14

Noen som har lest denne boka av Loretta Napoleoni? Hva synes dere?

Hun skriver blant annet dette:

Today, those who are nostalgic for the American Dream
should look at the Nordic countries, where the middle class
still exists and where income inequality has been curbed by ad
hoc policies. Only in the Scandinavian countries can we find
the type of social mobility that reflects the underlying force of
the motto, “America is the land of opportunity.”While in the
United States and in the United Kingdom children of poor and
rich families are likely to remain poor and rich respectively, in
the Nordic countries they have the same chances to succeed.

Og dette:

The Gilded Age led to World War I and the Roaring Twenties
ended with the crash of 1929, which triggered the Great
Depression. A decade of wild unemployment, it evidenced the
peril of keeping the wealth of nations in the hands of a few
people. Luckily, the British economist John Maynard Keynes
came to the rescue. He suggested, along with massive government
intervention in the labor market, the introduction of
new policies to redistribute wealth and to encourage share
ownership among the population. Today, such measures will
be insufficient to tame the feral nature of rogue economics.

Og dette:

A strong Islamic financial system would provide the basis for a new social contract:

Politicians will refrain from intervening directly in commerce and economics. Islamic finance, with its encoded value system, will reduce and eventually crush the power of the outlaws. The rogue nature of the economy will be trimmed by sharia economics. The outlaws will be shunned through a code of ethics that prohibits such businesses as gambling, prostitution, pornography, and trade in illegal drugs. Hedge funds and private equities will be regulated by a financial system that rejects the concept that money can create money. Patents and trademarks will disappear, reducing capitalism's ancient privileges... The quality of fake goods will improve until it becomes all but impossible to distinguish the original from its replica. Western brands' commercial edge will vanish. This simple fact will trigger a massive redistribution of wealth at global levels.

Og dette:

In other words, “the inability of the state to govern
significant transformation in the economy [. . .] can lead to
mafia entrenchment.”27 Great opportunities arise for crime
when politics fails to keep economic changes under control,
as happened during the dismantling of the Soviet Bloc. Black
markets always thrive in times of chaos; well-organized black
markets flourish.

The transition from Cold War economics to market eco-
nomics left large regions of the world unguarded. In the newly
created political void, Arendt’s allegorical desert, organizations
with a strong geographical network found it easier to reap the
benefits of the globalized market economy by reproducing or
expanding their networks outside the boundaries of the law.
Often, they filled the vacuum created by the absence of state
authority by offering protection to various legal and illegal
actors. In doing so, they guaranteed the survival of the economy
that inevitably became a rogue force.28 We see this
process clearly in the case of the criminalization of the Bulgarian
nomenklatura, the core members of the Communist party.
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Re: Rogue Economics, Capitalism's New Reality

Innlegg Rounin 23 Aug 2009, 17:13

Den klarer til og med å trekke Islam og Sharia inn i det hele? Den må jo nærmest være diametralt opponert mot det syn som fremmes av Objektivister, deriblant DLF.

Dessverre mangler posten din en rød tråd – Håper du at noen skal lese hele denne boken og svare på den her i sin helhet?
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