Negativ rente i Sverige

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Negativ rente i Sverige

Innlegg Skatteflyktning 23 Sep 2009, 21:52

Vel, Soeta Bror har naa begynt aa utforske det ukjente

Dette skal bli artig aa foelge med paa :D
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Re: Negativ rente i Sverige

Innlegg QIQrrr 23 Sep 2009, 23:54

    Mises Institute, Frank Shostak, 9/23/2009: So far, massive monetary pumping by central banks has failed to revive the pace of credit expansion in major world economies. Some commentators have raised the possibility that this points to an emerging "liquidity trap," which is seen as a major threat to economic growth. To push economies away from this trap, some experts suggest that major central banks should consider the recent policy move of the central bank of Sweden. The Swedish central bank has introduced negative interest rates on bank deposits held with the central bank. It is believed that negative interest rates will force banks to start expanding lending. This, it is held, is going to revive economic activity in a sustained way. We suggest that negative interest rates are unlikely to move major economies away from a liquidity trap if the pool of real savings is in trouble. Contrary to popular thinking, the threat posed to the major economies is not the liquidity trap, but the government and central bank stimulus policies aimed at countering it - Does a Liquidity Trap Pose a Threat?
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