Sitater fra grunnleggeren av Silk Road

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Sitater fra grunnleggeren av Silk Road

Innlegg carl 06 Mai 2013, 13:13 ... bertarian/
Han er riktignok anarkist, men har forøvrig mye vettugt å si.

Om sentralbanken:
The Federal Reserve system relies on the force of government to maintain its monopoly power on the issuance of money. This is how all central banks maintain their control. Without the state’s involvement, people would be free to use whatever currency they like. Historically this was gold. If the founders of the fed tried to do what they did w/o the Federal Reserve Act legislation, and later the Brenton Woods agreement, they would have failed miserably. No one would have bought into their system. In fact, this is the beauty of libertarianism. The people are free to choose what system they want. No need for one size fits all government solutions. If you want to use a debt based inflationary monetary system, go right ahead, doesn’t affect me so long as you don’t try to force me to use it as well.

Om den amerikanske konstitusjonen:
[…]I can’t applaud them enough for what they accomplished given the circumstances. It’s easy to critique centuries later, supported by the wealth their system allowed to emerge[…]

Om miljøbevegelsen vs frie markeder:
This is where the institution of private property and markets really shine. Markets curb unsustainable growth through the price mechanism. As a needed resource is depleted, its supply drops and, assuming constant or rising demand, its price will rise. Rising prices force people to consume LESS of the resource and save more of it. Private property also incentivizes people to maximize the value of it. People tend to preserve and improve their land and capital. Free enterprise and private property, when honored, are an environmentalist’s dream.

Om minstelønn:
How about someone whose labor is worth less than minimum wage? These people are not allowed to work even if they are willing and able. They wind up homeless or in government programs where they get no productive skills. They don’t benefit, and the rest of us don’t benefit. If they were allowed to work, they could gain productive skills and work their way up above the “poverty line”, enriching themselves and others. Give them a chance.

Om skattemotivert legalisering av narkotika:
I keep hearing this argument come up when people talk about drug prohibition: legalize, regulate and tax it. On the surface it sounds like a good idea. No more drug war, more tax revenue, government regulators can make sure it is safe. Makes sense, right?

I can’t help but think something is wrong though. Feels like the bastards that have been screwing everyone over all this time still win in this scenario. Now all that money can go to the state and to their cronies, right?

There are heroes among us here at Silk Road. Every day they risk their lives, fortunes, and precious liberty for us. They are on the front lines making tough decisions and working their asses off to make this market what it is. Of course I am talking about our vendors.
these guys and gals are professionals that are rising to the top of their game

Dette minner om at vi går en fremtid i møte der hvor aktiviteter i deler av befolkningen ikke nødvendigvis vil behøve flertallets velsignelse for å bli utbredt som følge av teknologiutviklingen (desentralisert, kryptert kommunikasjon hovedsaklig):
I would rather live my life in rags now than in golden chains. And now we can have both! Now it is profitable to throw off one’s chains, with amazing crypto technology reducing the risk of doing so dramatically. How many niches have yet to be filled in the world of anonymous online markets? The opportunity to prosper and take part in a revolution of epic proportions is at our fingertips!
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