Movie Review: Avatar

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Movie Review: Avatar

Innlegg Panther 29 Jan 2010, 18:23

Movie Review: Avatar
by Scott Holleran (January 25, 2010)

Avatar is big, loud, and bodacious and totally bankrupt as a cinematic experience. I tried to like this spectacular monstrosity at every turn, especially with a new actor named Sam Worthington in the leads much better in Terminator: Salvation but enduring Avatar is like watching an epic through beady little eyes with the droning homily that everything small is beautiful.

Avatars world is wholly unoriginal: each aspect is derivative of Earth and its inhabitants: aliens have fleshone of the more surly male beasts has a Mohawk hairdowith feet, toes, and fingers, and there are other approximations of Earthbound creatures such as goats, birds, and dogs. Pandora has water, clouds, mountains, and trees and manmade things interact and survive there just fine. The clan uses bows and arrows. Pandora is like Earth with big, blue aliens and slightly exaggerated plants and animals. You half expect the Statue of Liberty to show up at the end ala Planet of the Apes.

Man is a great evil, someone declares during the 3-hour tour of Pandora. This sums up Avatars philosophy, though, as with radical Islam, its really Western Man thats regarded as evil. In the end, watching a dim, foul-mouthed, handicapped Marine become a bowl of emasculated mush while trying to drag everyone human down to his level is less than uplifting. Avatars grating anti-civilization theme, rigged with the screens campiest stereotypical villaina white male with a Southern accent dubbed Poppa Dragonin years, trolling around the jungle in something leftover from Transformers, is at least largely consistent, though the clans pacifism quickly turns to bloodlust.

Its primitivism precludes any sign of progressthere is no discernible social system for peaceful co-existence among the belligerent tribesmenand apparently gays and unmarried couples need not apply for tree-hugging membership. There is an Aliensesque butch human female who paints her helicopter like its an Indian brave and tromps around like Xena the Warrior Princess while people say things like were goin in! and it all plays out exactly as youd expect. If this is the new Hollywood, it fits perfectly with the essential meaning of the new American governments philosophy: man is evil, so the individual must be subordinatedand man must therefore be eradicated from the universe, a perfectly appropriate and horrifying theme for an ominous new year.
Ken-G. Johansen.
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Re: Movie Review: Avatar

Innlegg Frederik 22 Mar 2010, 14:22

Enig i at filosofisk var denne filmen helt bakvendt, og storyen var ikke noe å skrive hjem om heller (Pocahontas in space). Visuelt var filmen svært imponerende, derimot, og jeg vil si at det var verdt pengene jeg betalte for den.
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